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Alternative citations

With the implementation of invenio the way of citing material of the Political Archive has changed. The information about record groups and item numbers given on file covers might differ from the information you can find in invenio. You will also find former ways of citing material in publications, mostly done with commas between the different parts. The example given above used to be cited in this way: PA AA, MfAA, ZR 145/94.

You can search for old reference codes using “Alte Signatur” (old reference code) in invenio (marked yellow in example 2).

You can still cite reference codes with commas, if it is more convenient for you, as long as the citation contains the new definition of the record group and the item number as you can find them in invenio: PA AA, M 72, 14594

Changed citation methods for files of the German Reich (files until 1945)

Due to the implementation of invenio the reference codes for ordering and therefore citing files until 1945 has changed. In principle, reference codes of files until 1945 consist of a record group code (files of the headquarter: “RZ” + three digits; files of missions abroad: “RAV” + three digits), followed by the item number.

The item number of files of the headquarter is still the same as it had been before invenio was implemented, but the leading “R” has fallen away. For example, the correct reference code isn’t “R 71286” anymore but is now “RZ 206/71286“.

The easiest way to get to the current reference codes is to use the field “Signatur” (reference code) in the menu Suche (search) in invenio. Type in the formula RZ*former item number (for example, RZ*71286) and invenio will show you the current reference code in the according finding aid online.

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