Orders from holding group B


Auswärtiges Amt der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany): Archival material from headquarters and the missions abroad

Records from headquarters in Bonn which are listed in the finding aids with a call number of six digits still belong technically to the interim archive. When ordering  such files in the reading room using the programme “Inovar” you cannot use the actual record group (e.g. B 36) but instead enter “Zwischenarchiv” (= interim archive).
Similarly, files from the missions abroad are not ordered using the letter code of the record group (e.g. ABID); instead they are ordered using the term “AV Neues Amt”.

Entry in Inovar for “Bestand” (record group)
Entry in Inovar for “Bestell-Nr.” (call number)

PA AA, B 36, Bd. 166910



PA AA, ABUD, Bd. 12804

AV Neues Amt


Ordering from record group B using Inovar  
Ordering from record group B using Inovar  © AA

Some material has been moved from record group B to record group S over the past few years and must be ordered using its new record group.

B 121S 20
B 122S 21
B 123S 22
B 126S 23
B 127S 24
B 128S 25
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