Orders from holding group R


Archival material from the Berlin headquarters is to be ordered in the reading room via Inovar, using the uniform group classification “R”. For archival material from the German Reich´s missions abroad, the addition “RAV” is dropped. Please just enter the place name (without diacritical marks):

Entry in Inovar for “Bestand” (record group)
Entry in Inovar for “Bestell-Nr.” (call number)
PA AA, RZ 101, R 28872R28872
PA AA, RAV Bogotá, Bd. 54Bogota


Ordering from record group R using Inovar
Ordering from record group R using Inovar© AA

Archival material from some missions abroad is divided into several sub-groups. The corresponding Roman numeral must be added to the place name when ordering. In addition, there are a few other special record groups:

Record group
Entry in Inovar for “Bestand” (record group)
RAV Marseille Fonds BücherMarseille F Bücher
RAV Rom (Quirinal Geheim)Rom (Quirinal Geh.)
RAV Santa Cruz de TeneriffaSanta Cruz d. T.
RAV Tripolis (Syrien-Libanon)Tripolis (Syrien-L)
RAV Wien (Militärattaché)Wien Militärattaché

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