Usage of a digital camera

Usage of a digital camera, © Jörg F. Müller/ AA


Taking your own photographs

You may use your own digital camera to photograph the archival material in the reading room, provided that you do so without using a flash and without making any noise likely to disturb others (e.g. by using a reflex camera). The use of hand-held scanners is not permitted.
Items such as padded strip weights and foam wedges are available from the reading room staff. These aids will help you to deal correctly with the archival material when taking pictures.
The following items must not be photographed:

  1. documents containing personal data
  2. documents for which the period of closure fixed under archival law was reduced.

All photographs are for your personal use as working copies and must not be passed to third parties or published.

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The statutory basis for the legal status, competence, responsibilities and use of the Political Archive is explained here.

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